Our Ethos

ACC is more than just a group of people. It is a community that lifts the equality in the welfare of the Filipino-Chinese. It is a movement that embraces the culture of camaraderie that is being passed on from generation to generation.


To able to uplift and boost its social and moral ascendancy of the Chinese-Filipino well-being.


To promote the economic welfare and improve the life and health of its members to work hard and earn for a living and learn to save money through the micro-savings program.


To create environmental awareness and foster friendship, cooperation, and good relations among the members of the community.


To coordinate and cooperate with the government in its program in promoting the highest standard of public market operation and to uplift the standard of living of the members.


To do and perform all other acts and deeds as may be necessary, convenient, and appropriate for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes,